Welcome to Sungear.

Sungear enables rapid, visually interactive exploration of large sets of genomic data. It allows browsing of gene sets by experiment membership, gene annotation, and ontological term. The purpose of Sungear is to make otherwise complicated queries quick and visually intuitive.

Guide and FAQ

If you have questions about how to use Sungear, or if it isn't loading properly, check out the sungear documentation.

Quick links

To start Sungear with one of our pre-loaded data files, click the corresponding link below. After launching Sungear, you can switch to a different pre-loaded data set using the Sungear menu option File | Load...

Upload your own data

To view your own data in Sungear, fill in the upload form below.

Species refers to the source of gene annotations for the genes in your experiment. Pick the appropriate species from the pull-down list. If you don't see the species you need, contact us.

Experiment File is the file containing your data. Click the "Browse" button to choose a data file from your computer.

File format is the format of your data file. Examples of the acceptable data file formats are provided below.

Experiment file:
File format: FASTA Sungear

Acceptable data formats


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